May 31, 2007

Heaping Portions of Snark and Insult for the Worst President EVER

IBD doesn't hold back.

May 28, 2007


May 27, 2007

Edwards, the Coward's Candidate Buckles at Initial Protest Tactics

Edwards backs off call for Memorial Day war protests

Thanks, asshole.

But what were you thinking?

Post MD questions.

While we were waving at a World War I Veteran, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at a World War II Veteran, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at a Korean War Veteran, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at a Vietnam War Veteran, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at a Gulf War Veteran, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at a veteran of the present Iraq War, should we have looked away called the soldier a failure, and pushed your cut and run agenda?

While we were waving at so many of the troops that put their lives on the line around the world to defeat tyranny and protect our way of life, should we have looked away and pushed your cut and run agenda?

You can say we should. Our freedoms give you that right. But I won't. And our troops will prove you wrong.

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May 26, 2007

Poetry contest: To all, too anyone...

I would love to have a Rosie poetry contest. Please submit a poem (includes any ramblin verbage, you might craft that Rosie might think is a poem) about Rosie's departure, or any other current events. Please visit her site for hints on her wonderful skills. Just put it in the comments section and I will let it fly, lol.

Rosie, I mourn your departure

you were like a breath
of simple ass in the mourn,
your jowels
made you fun
and simple
and your portly
stature made you

poetry is simple
as your reflection
on the screen
of your emotions

Oh how I wish I were
so sanguine on this morn
because we all miss you
and wehave all been
Hasselbacked by your devil

Freeus Rosie with your gum shi in hand
free us Rosiebecause there is little for else to understand.


Ace might have the funniest post ever...

Rosie/Hogzilla, the linked beast

May 25, 2007

Religion of Peace, and Toleration Strikes Again

Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca

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May 24, 2007

More Anti-Mormon Slander

Embrace the Dark Side, Mitt

MSM has spared no slander in its treament of the Mormon religion, but I think this piece lowers the bar even further:

The darker side of Mormonism

Just as the Mormon Republican Mitt Romney emerges as a major contender for the US presidency, a blood-soaked new film and a high-profile trial are exposing the dark side of his religion (maybe Obi Wan, Luke and Hans can save him -ed.). And suddenly, the biggest obstacle on his road to the White House is the faith he holds so dear(can't figguh out why his religion is a problem.... hmmmmm, oh, maybe because people like YOU choose to associate him with 150 year old massacres - ed.).

Rupert Cornwell reports

It was 11 September, a crystal-clear morning with the first hint of autumn crispness, as though a cynical, mocking God had set the stage for what would be the worst act of religiously inspired terrorism in US history (am I missing something here? - ed.) .

But we are not talking about New York or Washington, DC in 2001. The setting was the uplands of remote south-eastern Utah, exactly 150 years ago, in a corner of an American West that was still a violent work-in-progress. Within minutes, some 140 pioneers - a wagon-train of men, women and children headed for California - lay dead in a massacre that would not be surpassed until the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

For decades, the Mountain Meadows Massacre has lain relatively undisturbed at the margins of the national consciousness. But it is about to be projected centre-stage. Next month, September Dawn, a new film by the writer and director Christopher Cain that purports to recount at last the true story of that dreadful day, iks released in the US. And America will be revisiting this most shameful act in the annals of the Mormon Church as, for the first time, a candidate from a faith still best known for its long-abandoned cult of polygamy (still better than being a faith best known for still practiced cult of beheadings and jihad - ed.) has a serious shot at the Presidency.

Honestly folks, am I wrong? Did this lout call the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the "worst act of religiously inspired terrorism in US history"? I guess it is ambiguous, and might mean the worst such act up until that point 150 years ago, but this not stated clearly.

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Wedding is over. Back from France. Our lives have been a whirlwind and we needed a good week to catch our breathes. Wedding and reception went off without a hitch. Paris was incredible. Except for a daytrip to Normandy, we spent all our time there. Paris exceeded expectations - the sights and the people. Normandy was sobering.
I'll post more in the near future with some pics. Apologies for being so remiss in my blogging but I just felt a bite of the blogbug, so I should be more productive.
Smiles, everyone, smiles, smiles.

May 07, 2007

Just Married

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few. I dunn got me hitched up. Off to Paris now. Will be back bloggin in a couple of weeks. If I am able to obtain internet access, I'll fill y'all in on the situation in France. I have given the lovely Barista Grazioso posting privileges, so hopefully if she gets a chance, she can put up a post or two. Be well!!!

May 04, 2007

NOTE: To Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson: Make your decision soon

Senator Thompson, in the past few months you have flirted with the notion of running for President. An excited number of Republicans, including myself, have been exuberant at the thought. We are more than impressed with your abilities to communicate and to lead than any candidate in the field. Nothing you have said or done from now since those early rumblings has changed my impression.

But, Senator, there are many who are going out on a limb to support your candidacy. They are sacrificing other opportunities which hold great political potential. As the Republican debates roll on, every ‘Thompson supporter’ has to worry about what they have lost by not supporting an announced candidate. If you don’t declare very shortly, you will have marginalized the opinions and opportunities of the very people that would have been your most vociferous supporters.

The Republican field is now semi-solidified, awaiting your entrance.

Please run. We implore you. I am a blogger and the support I see for you is incredible. I remember sitting with my father and watching Die Hard 2, and he mentioned how Presidential you seemed. I gave it short shrift, but inside I liked the persona. I would vote for a troll if it believed what I did. You are not a troll, and you believe what I do. Please run.
To the people that would fight on your side, and I count myself as one of them, there is no question. Senator, you need to come to that answer very very soon.

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Anatomy of a trailer

I am outta whack and outta touch...

such are the things which happen when you are on the verge of gettin hitched.

And that is my life.

But let me give you a couple of treats as I work towards binding, or undoing myself or both:

A new interpretation of The Shining, the comedy, and, a haunting one of Sleepless in Seattle, the thriller.Funny how a movie trailer might be manipulated.

May 01, 2007

I am not a trek about the country,

live life outta your car kinda person, but I wouldn't mind having one of these.

Aunt Hillary

via Lucianne.


Urban Outfitters redux

I have posted about the ever-trendy and ever-chic left wing turds from Urban Outfitters, here and here. Now another timely, cutting edge tee:

Sandwiched right between the Jeepney Spray Cans & Goggles Tee and the Volcom Dustin Dollin Tee, we have the "Friends don't let friends vote Republican" tee. Words so profound they could have just as easily been found in a Daily Kos diary.

I always hate it when....

the bubonic plague rears its ugly head.