May 04, 2007

NOTE: To Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson: Make your decision soon

Senator Thompson, in the past few months you have flirted with the notion of running for President. An excited number of Republicans, including myself, have been exuberant at the thought. We are more than impressed with your abilities to communicate and to lead than any candidate in the field. Nothing you have said or done from now since those early rumblings has changed my impression.

But, Senator, there are many who are going out on a limb to support your candidacy. They are sacrificing other opportunities which hold great political potential. As the Republican debates roll on, every ‘Thompson supporter’ has to worry about what they have lost by not supporting an announced candidate. If you don’t declare very shortly, you will have marginalized the opinions and opportunities of the very people that would have been your most vociferous supporters.

The Republican field is now semi-solidified, awaiting your entrance.

Please run. We implore you. I am a blogger and the support I see for you is incredible. I remember sitting with my father and watching Die Hard 2, and he mentioned how Presidential you seemed. I gave it short shrift, but inside I liked the persona. I would vote for a troll if it believed what I did. You are not a troll, and you believe what I do. Please run.
To the people that would fight on your side, and I count myself as one of them, there is no question. Senator, you need to come to that answer very very soon.

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