May 24, 2007

More Anti-Mormon Slander

Embrace the Dark Side, Mitt

MSM has spared no slander in its treament of the Mormon religion, but I think this piece lowers the bar even further:

The darker side of Mormonism

Just as the Mormon Republican Mitt Romney emerges as a major contender for the US presidency, a blood-soaked new film and a high-profile trial are exposing the dark side of his religion (maybe Obi Wan, Luke and Hans can save him -ed.). And suddenly, the biggest obstacle on his road to the White House is the faith he holds so dear(can't figguh out why his religion is a problem.... hmmmmm, oh, maybe because people like YOU choose to associate him with 150 year old massacres - ed.).

Rupert Cornwell reports

It was 11 September, a crystal-clear morning with the first hint of autumn crispness, as though a cynical, mocking God had set the stage for what would be the worst act of religiously inspired terrorism in US history (am I missing something here? - ed.) .

But we are not talking about New York or Washington, DC in 2001. The setting was the uplands of remote south-eastern Utah, exactly 150 years ago, in a corner of an American West that was still a violent work-in-progress. Within minutes, some 140 pioneers - a wagon-train of men, women and children headed for California - lay dead in a massacre that would not be surpassed until the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

For decades, the Mountain Meadows Massacre has lain relatively undisturbed at the margins of the national consciousness. But it is about to be projected centre-stage. Next month, September Dawn, a new film by the writer and director Christopher Cain that purports to recount at last the true story of that dreadful day, iks released in the US. And America will be revisiting this most shameful act in the annals of the Mormon Church as, for the first time, a candidate from a faith still best known for its long-abandoned cult of polygamy (still better than being a faith best known for still practiced cult of beheadings and jihad - ed.) has a serious shot at the Presidency.

Honestly folks, am I wrong? Did this lout call the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the "worst act of religiously inspired terrorism in US history"? I guess it is ambiguous, and might mean the worst such act up until that point 150 years ago, but this not stated clearly.

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