June 24, 2007

Two Views of the Immigration Debate

Ace of Spades does a much better job than myself. His post is friggin hilarious. But I think more people need to see the bias of the New York Times. Check out this pic from a NYT article about ILLEGAL immigration. These are the border bustin folks, just looking for a break. Looks like they are witnessing the Second Coming, or are, in the least, extras in the latest Spieberg crapfest. Here is the immigrant hating feller in the NYT's other article pic. The sparsely-toothed feller must be afflicted with Redneckism. Do you see? He does post a smallish American flag. As we all know, that is a very distinct sign of racist xenophobism. While some might see him as a walking hate crime, I am more sympathetic. With an intervention, a couple of years of counseling, Spanish language lessons, a few pesos in his pocket, he should be able to reenter the Mexico-Americo population.

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