June 22, 2007

Dayum Nazi Thug

Freedom hating, brownshirt trampling on the rights of the American people. Fascist Attorney General who pisses on the Constitution. Here ya go with a nice kick in the family jewels:

In 1963, the CIA wiretapped two columnists -- Robert Allen and Paul Scott -- following a column in a newspaper in which they disclosed certain national security information. CIA records indicate that the wiretapping was approved by McCone after "discussions" with then Attorney General Robert Kennedy and then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. The wiretaps, which continued from March 12 to June 15, 1963, were described as "very productive" -- among those overheard calling Allen and Scott were twelve Senators, six Congressmen, and so forth. Apparently, the tap did not disclose the source of the security information published in the Allen-Scott column.

Dayum racist, facist, civil rights hatin Attorney General:

In October 1963, Robert Kennedy had authorized a wiretap on King's home phone. It was barely six weeks after King had held the crowd on the Washington mall spellbound with his history-making speech.

That power to sway a crowd and make them follow him into a future full of uncertainty is what made King a "dangerous" man. Celebrating King's birthday this weekend reminds us that because of him, ordinary Americans willingly risked everything to end oppressive segregation policies.

Dayum political icon, luminary, champion of the downtrodden and oppressed hero of the Left, inheritor of divine lineage:

He saw wrong and tried to right it. He saw suffering and tried to heal it. He saw war and tried to stop it.


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