June 20, 2007

When Nuns Attack. No Really.

I used to hear nightmarish stories from Catholic school friends about nuns with yardsticks. But I could never quite picture ole Sister Agnes wielding a switchblade in a turf war with the Sharks:
Nuns and priests attack each other in convent
by Nassos Stylianou

Scuffles lead to two arrests

TWO PEOPLE were injured and another two were arrested after scuffles broke out between two rival factions of nuns residing in an Old Calendarist convent in Avdellero late last night.

Nuns and priests from both sides confronted each other after unrest broke out at around 10pm.

The church was covered with blood as nuns and priests from both sides attacked each other using sharp objects.

Police confirmed that they would be looking into the incident, which is believed to be part of a long-running dispute between the two groups of nuns. It has been reported that the convent is segregated, with Archimandrite Sevastianos’ followers occupying certain buildings and the resident nuns staying in others. At nightfall, Sevastianos and his nuns barricade themselves inside the chapel, as a precaution, with friends and relatives of the two groups taking turns at patrolling the premises.

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