June 08, 2007

Disney fosters ageism?

Ever think that wackademics have too much time on their hands?

LONDON — Even the Seven Dwarfs are guilty. Well, two of them anyway. Grumpy and Dopey are no longer just the loyal friends of Snow White but must now line up with the likes of the Wicked Queen and Cruella de Vil to be accused of fostering negative images of elderly people.

According to academics, Walt Disney's seemingly ageist cartoon depiction of older people as evil or incompetent risks adversely influencing children.


Their study concludes: "Why the portrayals of older people seem more negative when the consumers are children is uncertain.

"Disney films may not be the primary source of children's negative perceptions of older people. However, there is evidence that the media do influence children's perceptions."


Blogger barista grazioso said...

Oh. My. God. You can't be serious. Even the evil witch in Snow White has to be P.C. now??

You know, it's a wonder any of us in the older generation turned out even remotely normal. I guess in 20 yrs time we'll find out if the anti-pc group (moi) or the over-the-top-pc group (youngsters), needs an overabundance of meds to deal with the real world. It's getting so ridiculous.

Sun Jun 10, 11:42:00 AM  

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