June 05, 2007

Google Streetview Captures Moonbat Joo Hater

I don't know how many are familiar with the new Google toy, Streetview. Actually, as I think about it since Drudge linked to snapshots from it over the last couple of days, there probably isn't a soul out there who doesn't know about it.

A nifty new site, Streetviewr, is hosting links to interesting images spotted by readers on the new Google tool. The site links to this silly Bat on a soapbox, in front of a painted American flag dedicated to 9/11 survivors. Her first sign is headlined Israel = Terrorist #1. The sign is at the juncture of two separate pictures so it is difficult to make out the full text, but you see the standard "Jew God = Satan", 'Israel attacked the USS liberty', etc. The sign at the Batfoot is a similar rant about Bush and Blair. The surrounding crowd seems thoroughly engaged by her antics.

Did I scoop Zombie?

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