June 04, 2007

The obligatory transexual illegal immigrant post

Yawn. I know we are tired of them.

Klaus Meine couldn't have crooned it better - he's a woman/she's a man, and they are both illegal immigrants.

BASSETT -- To friends and fellow church members, Jaclyn Vivian Meridth is a 38-year-old former furniture-factory worker who paints her nails red and chaperones youth events for her church.

But to local, state and federal law enforcement officers, Jackie is actually Roberto Rebollera Neria -- aka Jaclyn Meridth, aka Ilma Martinez -- a document forger and suspected illegal immigrant, possibly from Mexico.

She's really a he -- and they have proof, they say, based on "intense scrutiny" performed by deputies at the Martinsville City Jail as they booked him on dozens of felony charges earlier this year.

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