June 22, 2007

Change of Heart

I have voiced some very strong opinions about Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing tax, er, uhh, plan. After much deliberation, and an epic battle with my conscience, I am ashamed to admit that I am beginning to warm up to the idea. It very well could be a workable way of keeping our fair city greener and add to the city’s always needy coffers.

With that having been said, I think I’d like to tweak the Bloomberg plan a little bit to make it a bit more equitable. Instead of taxing poorer people traveling to affluent areas to work, why don’t we tax affluent people traveling to play. Leaving Manhattan last night around 10 p.m., I got stuck in nightmarish traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Why so much traffic, so late? Predominantly Manhattanites off to eastern Long Island, getting an early start for their long comfortable weekends at their beach homes in places like the Hamptons, Aquebogue and Shinnecock Hills.

Just a thought, Mr. Mayor. Waddya think?

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