June 24, 2007

Fred Thompson's Bimbo Eruptions

Every candidate's worst nightmare. The bimbo. The ex wife. The ex gf. The axes grindin. The things they could say.

And then, the Fred:

Lorrie Morgan, ex gf:

"I couldn’t think of a bad word to say about Fred if somebody put a gun to my head."
"Fred is a perfect example of chivalry. He’s the kind of man little girls dream about marrying, who opens doors for you, lights your cigarettes, helps you on with your coat, buys wonderful gifts. It’s every woman’s fantasy.”
“I think he has a great chance of capturing the women’s vote. He’s majestic. He’s a soft, safe place to be and that could be Fred’s ticket. Women love a soft place to lay and a strong pair of hands to hold us,”
Georgette Mosbacher, a leading Republican fundraiser who dated Thompson after Morgan and remains a good friend, said he would defeat Clinton because of his appeal to “traditional women who will like the Southern gentleman in him”.

He is just as able to charm professional women, she added: “Another thing that is extremely attractive about Fred is that he is a really good listener. As a woman you can talk to Fred about any subject and know that you’re getting someone who respects your opinion and isn’t just being polite.”
“It says a lot about his character that his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends think he is fabulous,” said Mosbacher. “Character is important in a president.”
One of her rivals for his affection was Margaret Carlson, now a columnist for Bloomberg News, but she has also joined in the praise for Thompson. “He’s handsome, he’s charming, he sounds like a president,” Carlson gushed recently. “He’s smart, he’s articulate, he knows his line, he can hit his mark.”

What pol wouldnt PAY for bimbo eruptions like that?



Blogger Craig H said...

I would give Fred an A+ just on his taste in women alone.

Sun Jun 24, 12:41:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Same here.

Mon Jun 25, 07:22:00 PM  

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