April 16, 2006

Will someone please tell me what Israel has done to Iran.

But now everything is nice.


Blogger Markbnj said...

Hi Myra.

No. Everything is NOT nice.

Israel Exists. This fact alone is what causes 50+million muslims EXTREME anger and has caused 5 attacks on Israel since its independence in 1948.

In 1948, the United Nations (remember the UN?) told Great Britan that it should PARTITION (or divide) Palestine, the land that Britian captured in 1917, after the fall of the Turkish (ottoman) Empire after WWI.

Amazingly enough, the UN said the SOLUTION (58 years ago!) was to have TWO states. Exactly what Israel has been trying to do for the past 5 years.

The UN instructed Great Britian to divide Palestine into a Jewish state and an ARAB (muslim) state.

The Jews accepted the plan, and Israel was born.
The muslims and arabs (not all arabs are muslim) decided they didn't like the idea of the Jews having their own state, and so decided that if they couldn't have the WHOLE land, they would do what hitler did, and throw the Jews into the sea.

Thus, the already existing tiny kingdom (hashemite kingdom of Jordan) claimed and ANNEXED (and tripled THEIR land mass) the Muslim or arab part of the partition plan.

So you see... There ARE two states already in the palestine conflict.
One in Israel, and the OTHER one is JORDAN, which stole ALL of the land of the ARAB country which is going to be called palestine now I'd guess.

But the world press doesnt know this because most people these days are too lazy to research the facts.

Back to Iran. Iran supported the arab forces in 1948, and 1967.
Iran is scared, because Israel destroyed the nuculear reactor in IRAQ in 1981 (ANCIENT HISTORY, but if they hadn't done it, Iraq WOULD have had weapons of Mass destruction today!)

At any rate, IRAN is just afraid that ISRAEL will also attempt to destroy IRAN's weapons programs too, even though it's much more difficult since most stuff is now underground.


Hope this helps

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