April 16, 2006

Get Whitey

Those two eerie words, uttered by at least one of a group of mini racists triggered a chase which led to the death of John Broderick Hehman, an NYU student:

The background:

The sources said Hehman might have been targeted as a soft mark for robbers after the teenage gang spotted the caring urban-studies major handing pocket change to a wheelchair- bound man near the corner of 125th Street and Park Avenue Saturday night.

The gang of youths, some of them as young as 11, had been smoking pot inside a nearby Popeye's fast-food eatery at 8:30 p.m. when they spotted Hehman walking by and then stopping to help the handicapped man. An anonymous caller later tipped the CrimeStoppers hot line that a group of youths screamed, "Get Whitey!" and ran toward him.

Witnesses said Hehman fled into traffic against the light and was hit by a Mercedes-Benz traveling east on 125th Street. The 38-year-old driver remained at the scene and was not charged.

"When we heard the crash, we thought it was two cars - it was such a loud noise," said a witness. I couldn't believe it was a person," he said.
Hate crime? No, a cute rugrat robbery:

"They didn't call for an ambulance. They didn't call for help. Rather, they stood on the street corner and laughed," prosecutor Joel Seidemann said of the 13- and 15-year-olds who chased Broderick John Hehman into traffic.

Hehman, 20, died four days later from his massive head injuries. And the wolf-pack thugs, who allegedly laid in wait for their victim, could have even more to smile about now. Prosecutors lost their bid to try the teens as adults yesterday when their cases were transferred to Manhattan Family Court - where they face about half as much time behind bars if convicted of the top charge against them, felony murder. Had they been tried as adults, the 15-year-olds would have faced nine years to life behind bars. Now, they face a maximum of five years in "restrictive placement," said Laurence Busching, head of the city Law Department's family court division.

If they're convicted of the lesser charges against them, including manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide, they could get off with as little as 18 months in juvenile detention.

Case: Young white man giving assistance to a wheelchair bound homeless man beset upon by group of black thugs (at least one of which) screaming "Get Whitey". Black youths pursue samaritan. Catch, proceed to rob, and further pursue as he flees. Samaritan struck by car and killed. Pursuers laugh. Just kids bein kids. Just hooliganism. Five years in juvey, read: 18 months.

Value of John Broderick Hehman's life? Eighteen months in a pantry prison.


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