April 13, 2006

Muslim Tolerance

Those who follow the plight of Christians in the Middle East which goes largely ignored in the MSM, there is very little which can shock us. Worse yet is hearing from the CAIR crowd about how intolerant the West is towards Muslims. Here is an example of Muslim tolerance (hat tip Religion of Peace):

Christian woman nailed with Muslim blasphemy charge for defending cross
[a headline which does the story no justice - ed.]

A Christian woman is languishing in prison for defending the cross from desecration. Naseem Bibi is in solitary confinement, charged with having offended an image of the Kabah, the most sacred shrine of Islam in Saudi Arabia. On 7 April, judges refused to release her on bail. Meanwhile, her husband and their three sons have been forced to flee their home and to go into hiding out of fear of retaliation by Muslim extremists.


Everything started on 3 March when many Muslims were protesting the blasphemous cartoons of Muhammad near Naseem’s house in Kasur. “They were raising slogans against the US president George W. Bush, abusing him and Christianity too,” said Gulzar. “Naseem saw the protesters draw a cross on top of a rubbish help and so she went out to protest the desecrating gesture.” The woman told the demonstrators they were violating a sacred symbol of Christianity while protesting about exactly the same offence against their own faith.

According to her husband’s account, Naseem was beaten and stripped. The group of Muslims then left only to return after a few hours with an image of the Kabah soiled with excrement. The men accused Naseem of blasphemy and the police, who came to the spot, took her away to the local police station. Gulzar admitted that he did not intervene to help his wife because he was afraid.

Religion of Peace and Tolerance.

UPDATE: CBS laments the Sinking Perceptions Of Islam. I guess the reason for these perceptions are inexplicable. (as an aside, did anyone notice that - "only Scientology, of all the religions asked about, ranked lower. " Ouch. When your approval rating slips below a religion responsible for about 90% of the world's terrorism, you are in trouble.)


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