April 15, 2006

Pro Immigration Rallies Proving Successful..


April 14, 2006 -- IT LOOKS as if voters are starting to tilt toward get-tough Republicans on immigration - and those massive protest rallies by illegal aliens waving flags have backfired.

Republicans are now more trusted on immigration - 37 percent trust them on the issue, while just 31 percent trust Democrats, according to a national survey by the Rasmussen Reports Web site done April 8-9.

That marks a Democratic slide from 10 days earlier, when both parties were equally trusted on the hot issue. Thirty-eight percent said they trusted Republicans and 37 percent trusted Democrats.

"The Democrats lost ground," said pollster Scott Rasmussen. "I suspect there’s backlash against the rallies, and the Democrats appear to be against enforcement. People say beforewe talk about reforms, we ought to enforce the law."


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