April 15, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Prosecution Updated

It is difficult to figure out where to insert the question mark in this one. Was there a rape? Will there be a prosecution? Latest is that Durham County Detectives sought out Duke Lacrosse players at their dorm, for questioning, only to be rebuffed by players, who, upon the advice of their lawyers, muzzled up. The player's attorneys were none too happy about the the attempt:

The lawyers branded the dorm visit as an illegal, last-ditch attempt by police and District Attorney Mike Nifong to make sure they don't "embarrass themselves" by getting someone indicted who wasn't even at the party.
Durham lawyer Bob Ekstrand, who represents 32 of the 46 players whose DNA was tested in connection with the alleged attack, said detectives waited outside the dorm Thursday night until a woman used her card-key to enter. Then, he said, they stuck a foot in the door and sneaked in behind her, even though they lacked a search warrant.
Nice volley. Practically speaking, the prosecution needs to do a little better before the public if they intend to try this case. More info needs to come out that there really was a crime before they attempt to prosecute one and conduct like this won't add to their case.


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