April 17, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Update

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Doesn't look good for at least two players:
Courthouse sources tell WRAL that a grand jury has returned sealed indictments against two Duke University men's lacrosse players in connection with an exotic dancer's allegations that she was raped.

Because the grand jury meets in a closed session not open to the public, it is not known which members of the lacrosse team were indicted. Defense attorneys, who have said they expected indictments Monday, said they do not know who was charged. That information will not be made public until arrests are made in the case.

Of course an indictment is a far cry from a conviction, but this case ain't going away any time soon. Wait for the racial profiteers to once again put all of white America on trial.

TalkLeft gives us some insight into sealed indictments. In their opinion, it is prosecutorial grandstanding:

Ordinarily, when Indictments are sealed, no one other than the prosecutors and grand jurors and the arresting authority responsible for executing the arrest warrant would know until the first person is arrested. It's doubtful the prosecutors would tell the defense lawyers. What's so silly about this is that sealed indictments are usually handed down to avoid tipping off a suspect who might flee if he got advance word. The prosecutor seems to be milking this for all it's worth.

UPDATE: As always seems to happen in this case, the initial reports are wrong. Sing, We Won't Get Fooled Again three times and take two aspirins.

But notice this odd sequence in the courthouse:
Just after noon, Nifong emerged from his office and walked straight across the hallway to the bathroom. Reporters swiftly surrounded the bathroom door, a crowd that included five television cameras, three still photographers, sound men with boom microphones and at least a dozen print reporters.
When the toilet flushed, the group tensed, raised cameras and prepared.
Nifong did not emerge with news.

"I no longer get to go anywhere in my community without people knowing who I am," Nifong said. "I wish you could find me a way to give me my anonymity

Hey dopey, if you want your anonymity, don't become a PUBLIC prosecutor. And, while we cannot say who is really the victim yet, we know that IT IS NOT YOU.

UPDATE: Lawyer: 2 Duke Lacrosse Players Indicted . Wth?


Anonymous Calvin said...

"What's so silly about this is that sealed indictments are usually handed down to avoid tipping off a suspect who might flee if he got advance word."

He has a kind heart. He is DeLaying this until after the election without destroying these kids.

Mon Apr 17, 09:40:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Its hard to believe that politics isn't factoring into his decision making. Problem is, whatever course he takes, he will still have a large sector of the electorate that wants his throat.

Mon Apr 17, 10:12:00 PM  

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