March 12, 2007

Patti Smith, Ipecac Alert

Watchin the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and just nearly lost my Samoas. Patti Smith just put on a cute lil show. I don't know what was more vile - her haggard appearance (picture anorexic crack whore), her 'music' (blackboard meets fingernails) or her liberal, repeated use of the dreaded 'n' word at the end of her set.

Oddly enough, her appearance was followed by an Al Sharpton tribute to James Brown. Go figguh.

***UPDATE*** I never intended to liveblog this schlock, but our dear Patti defended her 'n' word usage (she called Gandhi, her mom and someone else I can't remember a 'n'). She thought it was important to lessn the impact of the word by using it to lessen its negative impact and its lightning rod quality. You know what, I agree with her goal. It is silly that this word has such a taboo to it. But picture a Republican trying to do the same thing.

Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar accept the award for Van Halen's induction. Ouch. A smattering of applause. No Dave. No Eddie. No Alex. Eddie's in rehab. Curious timing. Dave, wtf?

Note to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Grandmaster Funky Fresh and the Funky Funksters are NOT rock & roll. (Snark aside, I like a lot of their tunes)

***UPDATE NUMERO DOS*** Not really worth an update but whatevuhh. They showed a version of the Beatles song (by George) 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. Outstanding. Tom Petty sang lead, along with the ELO feller and George Harrison's son played backup acoustic. Incredible version.

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