June 12, 2006

Update on Geno's

By now most of you have heard about Geno's, the famous cheesesteak sandwich shop in Philly. Joey Vento, the shop's owner, not shy with his opinions on the immigration debate, posted a sign in his shop's window, "This is America - when ordering, speak English." Michelle Malkin gives extensive coverage here. Apparently expressing one's opinion in Philly invites an investigation from the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations:
The sign may violate the city's Fair Practices Ordinance, which bans businesses from discriminating on the basis of nationality or ethnicity, Lawton said.

"The complaint will say that the sign discourages patronage by non-English speakers because of their national origin and/or ancestry," Lawton, whose agency enforces the city's anti-discrimination laws, said before the official filing.

Apparently freedom of speech is not a human right worthy of protection. Geno isn't buying it and won't cave.

"I don't see why I should have to. It's freedom of speech," said Vento, 66, who opened the restaurant 40 years ago Geno's owner Joey Vento, the grandson of Italian immigrants, said he has no plans to remove the sign.

He said no one is refused service and no one is discriminated against. The sign, which has been displayed for about six months, is meant to encourage immigrants to learn English, he said.

"If you don't speak English, the sign means nothing," he told Reuters.

Joey Vento is a national treasure. I will be in Philly later on this week and there is one place that I will definitely be visiting.

How long did it take one of Vento's critics to trumpet his victimhood status?

Roberto Santiago, executive director of the city's Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations, said he received around 50 "hate" e-mails in response to his criticism of the sign.

One from California said groups like his should be banned for representing "filthy, illegal alien invaders", he said.

"This is dividing this nation," he said. "I'm really saddened by these individuals who are upset by having to be tolerant. I'm glad I'm living in an America where comments like Mr. Vento's are out of order."

I missed hearing about this turd being appointed Arbiter of All that is Out of Order.


Blogger Texas Truth said...

Yes, there is a problem with Geno's, immigration and racism. The problem is that his business is HIS business and he can do wherever he likes. If some immigrant can't order his/her lunch in the way that is prescribed, I guess he/she doesn’t eat at Geno's. I know there are other places in Philadelphia to eat. Some of the bleeding heart liberals just don't get it. Kudos to Geno’s. He has a great deal of support out here. I have a post at my blog about this and other issues

Please feel free to stop by and read my perspective on this and other issues.


Wed Jun 14, 12:51:00 AM  

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