May 21, 2006


Sewer living Wonkette scrapes the gutter. How hip.

The Religion of Peace leads us to these heartwarming family stories:

UK: Muslim Father Beats Gay Son with a Hammer...
Marrying at Age 2 Creates Complications...
Thai Muslims Open Up a Can of Whoop-Ass on Buddhist Women
9-Year-Old Child Bride Seeks Divorce...

little green footballs alerts us as to the troubles of Saudi women having a workout.

Craig at Red Satellites on the do as I say not as I do attitude of the Mexicanos.

The Pajamas Media folk wonder why the formation of a new Iraqi Cabinet hasn't made headlines. Answer - they need to sport cute little panties on their head.

The daily, "Can I Be More Abstruse Award" goes to dummy Kos who compares mining safety legislation with FCC regulation after Janet Jackson's wardobe malfunction.

An attorney and professor, Joseph Gutheinz, Jr., likens the "Durham Three", the alleged perps in the Duke Lacrosse rape case, to the Scottsboro Nine, nine black teens accused of raping two white women, in a case based upon flimsy and discredited evidence. I hope he writes more on the topic.


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