April 28, 2006

Religion of Peace Body Count Update II

First I posted about the death count from terrorist attacks.

How about the death count from 'honour' killings? (via Religion of Peace)

KARACHI: Fifty-eight people, both men and women, lost their lives in 2005 only because they had married on their own will. They were among 1015 people murdered in the name of honour in the same year, said a report issued by the Madadgaar Help Line database recently.

The report, based on news clippings from twenty-six newspapers of Urdu, English and Sindh languages, says that despite the enactment of a law to curb violence against women, cases of karo kari or honour killing are still going on unabated.

The report says that the data does not necessarily presents the real picture. according to an estimate, only 10 percent cases of honour killing are reported in the media.


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