April 27, 2006

Mexicali Blues

The California State Senate endorsed a resolution endorsing this Monday's proposed boycott of schools, jobs and stores:

California's state senators on Thursday endorsed Monday's boycott of schools, jobs and stores by illegal immigrants and their allies as supporters equated the protest with great social movements in American history.By a 24-13 vote that split along party lines, the California Senate approved a resolution that calls the one-day protest the Great American Boycott 2006 and describes it as an attempt to educate Americans "about the tremendous contribution immigrants make on a daily basis to our society and economy."

Don't learn, don't work and don't patronize California businesses.

State school officials, entrusted with the safety and well being of the state young'uns, scrambled to do damage control:

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Jack O'Connell encouraged students nterested in the immigration issue to voice their opinions by participating in protest activities but only after attending their classes.

"If students need to protest, they should feel free to do so after school," O'Connell told students and reporters at San Jose High Academy. "We want students to exercise free speech, but not at the expense of their education."

Why should they be worried?

School officials in San Leandro, meanwhile, said Thursday that rising tensions over the immigration issue may have contributed to a series of brawls between Hispanic and black teenagers.

Over a dozen San Leandro High School students were taken into custody Wednesday following the fights that started on campus and spilled over into the parking lot of a nearby convenience store.

Funny how undereported minority on minority race riots go. But a touch of lawlessness is acceptable if you know you are right (shades of Mary McCarthy - the law is secondary to the latest liberal folly):

America wouldn't have been created without illegal action, said Sen. Richard Alarcon, D-Van Nuys. "They dumped a bunch of tea in Boston harbor, illegally. God bless them," he said.

Just another case where the left overplays their hand. Hopefully the timid Republicans will see the light.


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