May 29, 2006

Bravo's Top 100 Comedies

if you'd like to see my top comedies , please go here.

Just a little change of pace from what would normally would be seen here - I wanted to make note how Bravo Network is the lameass, cheeseball network of the week. I don't yet have a full list of their whole Top 100 list of comedies yet, but when I do I will comment, but I do know their Top Ten (with commentary and guesstimate ranking):

10. Arthur (cute movie. watch drunk guy fall - watch him fall in love. shoulda been in the 40's)
9. Blazing Saddles (smart/stupid humor - social satire which laid the path for other stupid comedy genres - the wellspring, the original, top fiver)
8. The Wedding Singer (maybe a little better than Arthur because it is Nice and Cute. I would even call it loving, enduring, heartfealt, nostalgic. Top Ten if you are a wedding singer or are engaged to one. Yawn. Top Ten - Huhhhhhhhhh? Put it in the high thirties, the age of most who appreciate it)
7. Ace Ventura ( I am so torn on this one. Laff laff. Robin Williams with a funny haircut. Not a Top Tenner in my book, by any means, put it in the forties is tough)
6. Airplane! (Unparalleled quickwit. Insane, witty, oddball. If someone called it numero uno, I wouldn't bitchslap 'em. There have been about 50 movies since that have looked to it as a model)
5. South Park (a riproarinTV cartoon gone wild. But sometimes the fact that they push limits on TV makes them less funny when they exceed limits elsewhere. Just me. Still fuckin funnnnay. Back it up to the late twenties though)
4. There is Something About Mary (Is there a Ben Stiller Bendown Critics Society? He has his his moments but is no comic genius. Throw this overrated tripe back to the mid-fifties)
3. Shrek (It is so unfair that the opinions of nine year olds arent brought into this discussion. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, to the point that you are swimming with glee in a sugar infused cesspool. Go away. Serve with chicken nuggets and french fries and prop the little'un in front)
2. Caddyshack (Can't argue here. Not a day goes by I don't quote this movie)
1. Animal House (Frat house fun for everyone)


Anonymous Xpresso said...

Robin Williams was in Ace Ventura?

Fri Jun 30, 05:39:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Quite the literalist aren't we. If you cant see the similarities between Williams and Carrey, move on, this list isnt for you.

Sat Jul 01, 08:50:00 AM  
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