April 20, 2006

Tehran the next Tianamen Square?

Iran Students Asking Regime To Suspend A-Bomb Effort

CAIRO, Egypt - Iran's largest and oldest student organization is publicly urging the Tehran government to suspend uranium enrichment and cooperate fully with the international community.

A statement released Tuesday by Tahkim Vahdat's central committee called for a "temporary suspension of nuclear activities," Voice of America's Persian Service reported and an Iranian-American activist with close ties to the student organization confirmed.

The statement from Tahkim Vahdat came less than a week after President Ahmadinejad appeared on Iranian national television to announce "the good news" that the regime's scientists had enriched uranium to levels suitable both for use in bombs and nuclear power plants.

The students' public criticism of Iran's nuclear activities could make them vulnerable to crackdowns by the country's national security service, which is commanded by loyal allies of the Holocaust-denying president.


Anonymous Doll said...

Iran will never listen, they talk too much and do not listen. It is truly sad. On Fox News today they reported from Iran that the Iranian people are very hospitable and lovely. Also, that these people are in the dark. It is more like a communistic country and the people are not privy to the current news events because of course it is censored. The reporter said that while she was out doing one of her shoots a young woman came up to her and asked if the U.S. was going to attack them. It is a sad state of affairs. Personally I would support our military knocking out their nuclear sites and putting a dent into anything they have begining there.

Fri Apr 21, 12:06:00 AM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

I think the military option is the last and the least desireable option. It should always be on the table. I have read so much though, that there is a swelling movement which might rise up against the present regime and is sympathetic towards the West. They need every opportunity to succeed.

If they cant, we need to take action.

Fri Apr 21, 12:45:00 AM  

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