April 19, 2006

Also Seen on the Surf

Gateway Pundit debunks Cindy Sheehan with a daisycutter. That hurt.

Atlas Shrugs about US Military bullet selection in Iraq. PC bullets seem a little strange.

Wizbang on the Ten Commandments on the Courthouse lawn. Mais non.

In an exhausting, overblown, longwinded, disjointed, and stupid piece, Orincus likens Michelle Malkin to the fellas who lopped off heads with machetes in Rwanda. How dare she post the numbers which came in a press release and were published all over the internet by America hating thugs who wanted to illegally drive military recruiters off campus.


Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

I deleted a comment from 'the mole' because it linked to personal info of Michelle Malkin. I'll reprint in its entirety w/o the offending links:

the rat, er uh, the mole said...

Payback’s a bitch, ‘eh Malkin?

Her refusal to remove these kids contact information was not from conviction, but from revenue. Every journalist in the world knows that contact information on a press release is for journalists to call for more information or interviews, not to be published (or even pointed out) in the publication itself. If she were any kind of ethical person she would have pulled the information when asked.
If she were something resembling a human being with "feelings", she would not have republished the information once the students themselves removed it. Michelle is a vicious, vindictive, venomous egoist with no discernible ethics nor even a shred of human decency. If she wants to be The Minority Woman Who Believes Minorities and Women Suck, that's her right. But she should at least have the integrity to acknowledge that she has done wrong and to stop compounding the wrong. And she should not give us that disingenuous crap about how she doesn't condone death threats and nobody should misuse her posting and reposting of personal information.

Thu Apr 20, 10:25:00 AM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Last I checked Michelle didn't whine about the death threats like the sissies at SAW.

Thu Apr 20, 03:33:00 PM  

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