April 19, 2006

The Daily Duke Lacrosse Roundup

UPDATE: Key Evidence Supports Alibi in Potential Rape Defense for One Indicted Duke Player:

Around midnight the night of March 13, Seligmann was already at the party when two women hired from a local escort agency arrived to dance for the boys — $400 each for a two-hour performance. A series of time-stamped photographs viewed by ABC News show the girls dancing at midnight and at 12:02 a.m.

By 12:24 a.m., a receipt reviewed by ABC indicates that Seligmann's ATM card was used at a nearby Wachovia bank. In a written statement to the defense also reviewed by ABC, a cabdriver confirms picking up Seligmann and a friend a block and a half from the party, and driving them to the bank. By 12:25 a.m., he was making a phone call to a girlfriend out of state.

What did Seligmann do after leaving the bank? The taxi driver remembers taking him to a drive-thru fast-food restaurant and then dropping him off at his dorm. Duke University records show that Seligmann's card was used to gain entry at 12:46 a.m.

Ouch. Unless Nifong contests the credibility of this taxi driver, the case against Seligmann is dead in the water.

Police search dorm rooms of two Duke players accused of rape. Prosecutors still seeking to build a case against a third player. Defendants maintain their innocence.

The Righteous Honorable Jesse Jackson vows to pay for alleged victim's tuition, whether or not she is lying about the charges. No statement as to whether or not he will pay the legal bills of the defendants if she is lying.

In a revelation ex-Duke Lacrosse Mike Pressler must have anticipated before quitting - Coach was warned last year on player conduct .

The class aspect of the case hasn't been forgotten: Duke suspects had privileged upbringings
Finnerty, Seligmann from world of multimillion-dollar homes, golf courses

TalkLeft discovers in the sealed indictment that the defendants face a minimum sentence in the mitigated range of 144 - 182 months in jail and sees some fairy tale likeness in the process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think this woman wasnt raped?

Wed Apr 19, 10:32:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

I have no personal knowledge of anything that happened that night but I have seen the consequences.

Wed Apr 19, 11:26:00 PM  

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