March 06, 2006

Pat Tillman, Hero

We don't know how Pat Tillman died, but we need to know. We all know the fame and fortune he gave up to go after those responsible, directly or indirectly, for the 9/11 attacks. The information we have received so far has been shoddy, misleading and at times, false. This is a national disgrace. My sympathies are for his family, and they deserve our thanks for maintaining pressure on the DD to fully probe his death. The prior investigations look like shoddy whitewashes but hopefully, with the newfound attention on the case, we will finally learn the truth.

The Right, myself included, used his entry into the conflict as a rallying cry in the war on terrorism. The Left, citing his reading of Chomsky and quotes to fellow soldiers, now see him as one of their own. I hope that his memory can be suspended as a propaganda tool and be seen as a hero who gave the ultimate sacrifice to his country. And for that, the circumstances surrounding his death must be accurately discovered, and disclosed. His memory deserves no less.


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