March 01, 2006

Muhammad and the Taliban at Yale

No, this is not a Dhimmi sequel to William F. Buckley's monumental expose of Yale's anti-Western bias, but it is equally shocking.

The last time Rahmatullah Hashemi came to Yale, it was March 2001 and he was a Taliban spokesman in a turban and Afghan tunic, singing the praises of his fundamentalist masters.

Five years on, and Mr Rahmatullah, 27, is in his first year as a student at the Ivy League university whose illustrious list of alumni begins with the present and previous two US presidents.

The fine folks at Young America's Foundation remind us how welcome the Yalies make ROTC recruiters feel. Long live multiculturalism.


Blogger Pen Ultimate said...

Good for Yale! They've admitted someone who is clearly intelligent, curious about the world, capable of doing the work, and eager to learn. If you read the NY Times article about the man, you'll learn that he never fought against the US - in fact, all he ever had was desk jobs. He became disenchanted with the Taliban long ago, and is now absorbing all the knowledge a great university has to offer. There is no doubt that his experience studying at Yale will change the man, and it is quite likely that he will return to Afghanistan after he finishes his degree and make his country a better place because of his experiences here.

Lux et veritas = light and truth. Way to go, Yale!

Thu Mar 02, 02:35:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

"clearly intelligent, curious about the world, capable of doing the work, and eager to learn" could describe 3/4 of history's despots. He never became 'disenchanted' with the Taliban, he realized he needed to boogie on out when he heard the daisycutters in his backyard. If he is so enthralling, why would Yale feel the need to change him.

Blackus Ius uponus Yalus = you deserve the lout

Fri Mar 03, 02:29:00 PM  

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