March 09, 2006

Hippie Cool - Peace, Love and NIMBY

NIMBY is the often used acronym for 'not in my backyard'. It points out the hypocrisy of those who advocate certain land uses, so long as said land is not in their neighborhoods. It is often used when proposals are made to build new power plants, halfway houses, prisons, waste treatment plants, etc..

Free lovin San Franciscans apparently think that religious organizations pose a particular nuisance to their hippie heaven:

The Church of Scientology and other religious groups would be banned from buying a historic San Francisco building in the heart of the city's North Beach neighborhood under a proposed city ordinance.

Good thing religious freedom is a popularity contest:

``I would say we get about a 95 percent approval rating from our neighbors in this district,'' he said. ``They're happy that we're here. That's what I'm hearing on the street.''

The people are now safe from those dangerous pampleteers:

Peskin said he sponsored the measure after fielding complaints from neighbors and merchants concerned the church would aggressively peddle religious materials and disrupt the neighborhood's easy-going ways.


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