February 02, 2006

Nazis, Slaves, Etiquette and a Triple Dawg Dare - an Open Letter to Julian Bond

Mr. Bond, you really got your tongue stuck to the light pole. These remarks are beyond the pale. Please note that the privilege of alluding to the GOP as 'Nazis', 'Neo-Nazis', 'fascists', 'crypto-fascists', 'neo-fascists' is one held exclusively by white liberals, civil libertarians, leftists, socialists and communists. This serious breech of etiquette cannot go without comment.

You cannot be forgiven because the opening salvo of the growing etiquette war was fired by a white liberal. Hillary Clinton's plantation remark was an equally sinful mistake. She must atone as you yourself must. The complete lexicon of Republican slave analogies has been returned for your safe keeping.

Next time, please Triple Dare before you Triple Dawg Dare.



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