February 01, 2006

Cartoon Rage

The controversy escalates (from the NY Times):

In support of the Danish position, newspapers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland reprinted some of the cartoons today.

Kudos to these publishers. This moment needs to be forced to its crisis.

We are all aware that Islam is wholly incompatible with western notions of freedom. But it sure is disheartening to hear voices in the west which are sympathetic to the freedom haters. How about this dunce? (from the article linked above)

"There's a balance here between freedom of speech," he said, "and the right not to be subjected to racial discrimination. It's a difficult line."

Slippery slope? This guy is an Olympic luger.

The Cartoon Rage Hypocrisy Medals

The Bronze: The terrorists and terrorists-in-training in Palestine, who danced with glee when the Towers fell are now indignant over the insensitivity of the Danes.

The Silver Medal: President Clinton. Sympathy for the cartoon-oppressed Muslims. Ohh the suffering.

The Gold Medal (reminder from Peaktalk via Michelle Malkin): The civil libertarians, who fought so heroically to ensure taxpayer funding of Piss Christ, a crucifix submerged in the 'artists' urine. Haven't been able to find this breed of the consistency challenged on a milk carton or at a urinal.


UPDATE: Editor of French periodical that published cartoon gets fired.


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