January 31, 2006

Liveblogging the State of the Union

Word is the Mother of All Moonbats will be on hand.

Nice to see that young, vibrant and CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS. Alito drinking it all in. Congratulations, Justice Alito.

Whoah, Momma Moonbat detained!!!! FOX reporting. She tried to unfurl a banner. Such a heroine.

How many people did Sheila Jackson Lee trample to get her photo op with the President? Attention whore.

Democrats uncharacteristically respectful. Probably will try to impeach him tomorrow.

Kind words for Coretta Scott King. RIP.

Strong words against protectionism and isolationism. 9/11 reference. Democracy as a counterweight to terrorism. "We will act boldly in Freedom's cause". Talks about freedom in Burma, Iran and Syria. Islam a "noble faith" perverted by a few. Take the fight to them. Another reference to 'radical Islam'.

"We will never surrender to evil". References to Iraq and Afghanistan. Progress of a new democracy in Iraq. Successes against insurgent forces. "We are winning" (applause)

Troop withdrawals to be made by miliotary commanders, NOT by politicians in Wasghington. (applause). Chastises defeatism of some. "Second guessing is not a strategy." Cant abandon Iraqi allies.

Props to Soldiers. Applause for the family of a fallen soldier in the gallery. Very moving.

Fighting terrorism by promoting democracy. Reference to Hamas. Disarm. Recognize Israel and work for lasting peace.

Iran "sponsors terrorists" Must not permit Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons. Forceful rhetoric. Talks directly to Iranian people.

Must fight terrorism on the home front. Those working for Homeland Security desserve our support, our thanks. They need the tools. Reauthorize the Patriot Act.

Asserting his authority to use the surveillance powers so well reported. We will not wait to be hit again (loud applause)

Hillary looks bored again. This must be hard for her. Lord knows her husband wasn't.

Support for immigrants. Doubt the fence will be addressed. :(

Push to make tax cuts permanent. Guess which side is clapping?

Cutting spending? Who isnt skeptical. Line item veto rears its head again. Limit entitlement spending.

Cute moment - Congress did not act on my Social Security plan last year. Collective hooray from Dems. Not funny to W. The system is going bankrupt. Get it solved!

Always kinda creepy to me how the Supremes show no reaction.

Controlling health care costs - tax breaks, portability, pass medical liability reform.

America is Addicted to Oil. Advanced Energy Plan for alternative sources of energy. I hope we can all agree on this one.

Ethanol???? Ugggh. Please.

I wish we would have talked about remoiving our dependence on ME oil about 4 decades ago.

American Competitiveness Initiative. Better education in math and science. More $$$ to science. Tax credit for research.

All this talk about math. America's children will hate this president.

The character of our country has improved. More personal responsibilty, etc. Activist courts which attempt to redefine marriage. Allusions to abortion. Alito and Roberts announced. Supremes get up and clap!!!!!!

Warnings about cloning. My hopes for making a mini-me take a hit.

Talk about being there for kids. Time for a bathroom break.

If it keeps on rainin, Bush wont let levee break.

End the waiting list for AIDS America. End the stigma of AIDS. Thats so, 1992.

Good speech. Very few original proposals. Tough on Iran. Tough on Hamas. Strong defense of his NSA programs. On MSNBC, Jon Meacham of Newsweek was taken by his emphasis on domestic issues. Also, calls him a 'hawkish Woodrow Wilson'. Interesting analogy.

Always funny to see the Dimocrats so star struck while W is working the room. Reps were just as bad, I know, when it was WJC. But ya gotta admit it looks silly.


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