April 04, 2007

Daily Kos diarist - Why People Hate Him (Bush)

Daily Kos diarist Maccabee offer up one of the most torturous screeds ever penned on the internet:

Bush cannot go anywhere in America without a whole secret army of police and SWAT teams and military escorts (be known, it is because of the many, like Maccabee, who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome). You cannot safely have Bush appear anywhere in public without a police screening of the area. Cheney also engenders a certain vivid antipathy that Satan himself would not produce. This cannot be disappeared. It can’t be muted like booing at a baseball game. It can’t have its microphone cut off. It can’t be surrounded and drowned out.

The palpable hate for Bush keeps him separated from real Americans. I remember when Clinton came to Austin, he just waded into the crowd and people loved him. Bush could no more wade into a crowd anywhere in the world anymore than a can of gasoline can wade into a fire without exploding.

The news, such as it is, the mainstream media caca that we endure is a chummy group of people and companies that gave up their distance and objectivity for access and high falutin martinis in posh Washington clubs. People like Charles Krauthammer and even David Gregory think they are can (sic) dance and drink with the same people they are reporting on. (the second left wing flake that has the paralyzed Krauthammer 'dancing'- ed.)

They cannot. They can. But few believe them.

There are things you simply cannot put lipstick on. The public sees the disaster that the War on Terror has become. The public knows that our schools do not compare with the schools around the world. The public knows they have to take their shoes off at the airport because that’s what they are told to do. The American public may not be tiring of hearing about Anna Nicole. But the American public doesn’t truly trust the news. So while the news may have increased it ratings- it has decreased its believability. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot report on crap all day and then call yourself a news bureau.

Sit this individual down towel the sweat of his brow and give them some warm milk.


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