April 04, 2007

For the first time in recorded history...

launching projectiles at an individual is considered 'peaceful protest'.

WASHINGTON — White House adviser Karl Rove was confronted by protesters as he tried to leave a speaking engagement Tuesday night at American University.

Rove was a speaker at an event sponsored by the American University College Republicans. The group, which claims more than 600 members, billed the Republican strategist's appearance as a discussion of electoral politics and the importance of college Republicans in winning elections.

According to a university spokesperson, when Rove tried to leave a campus building, he was confronted by more than a dozen protesters. Some protesters reportedly threw items at Rove and his automobile while others lay down in front of the vehicle to prevent it from leaving.

Campus security guards moved in and removed the protesters so Rove could leave the scene. American University police described the protest as peaceful. There were no arrests.
{emphasis mine -.ed}

What do the rent-a-cops consider 'non-peaceful'?

UPDATE: Bryan at Hot Air speculates:

What did they throw? Was it stuff that’s unlikely to hurt, or was it stuff that can maim or kill? I’m guessing the projectiles were closer to the former since there were no arrests made.

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