April 26, 2007

Another China/Atheist Tibetan flag controversy

The Chinese ain't showin no love for the Cheesehead, badger-brained residents of Madison, Wisconsin:

China's ruling Communist Party and the largest atheist group in the United States are criticizing a plan to honor the Dalai Lama by flying the Tibetan flag over City Hall during his visit next week to the Wisconsin capital.

A city-county committee is scheduled to vote Thursday night on a request to display the flag during the May 2-4 visit.

Chinese officials made visits earlier this year to local politicians to denounce the Dalai Lama, whom they accuse of trying to separate Tibet from their rule.

"He has been trying hard to deceive public opinion in the world by disguising himself as a champion for democracy and freedom," an official from the Chinese Consulate General's office wrote in a letter asking Mayor Dave Cieslewicz to not fly the "so-called Tibetan flag."

Maybe the Chinese should worry a little less about a flag on a Wisconsin building and a little more about poisoning our food chain.

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