April 25, 2007

Rosie’s Gone. Sad Loss to our Nation

First, let’s be honest here. The nation will suffer no great loss in terms of the level and tenor of political with the absence of America’s Rosebud. We will, at least for a time, be spared her face in the news, the Great ODonnell/Trump feud, her headstands and the disturbing imagery of her trying to get by with the use of only a single square of TP. She is a loathsome woman.

But, personal revulsion aside, losing Rosie in the spotlight is a net loss for conservatives. She had a daily forum through which she could summon every ounce of her inarticulateness, every sinew of her ignorance and every speck of her loutishness. She had the anger of Alec, the ignorance of Babs and the paranoia of Charlie. All in one package. She is the ‘perfect storm’ of everything that is wrong with the left. In that sense, she is irreplaceable.

She will be missed. Come back soon Rosie.

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