April 24, 2007

Solomon Burnette sounds a call to arms

Solomon Burnette, thug, racist punk and University of North Carolina Association of Governments Vice Chair announces a call to violence in his newly created Get Whitey Movement.

History has shown us that the (in)justice system cannot and will not address these issues because it is built upon them. So upon whose shoulders should the responsibility of retributive correction fall?

White people still murder us with impunity. White people still beat us with impunity. White people still rape us and get away with it.

The only deterrent to these legally, socially and economically validated supremacist actions is the fear of physical retribution.

Black men, stand up. Black women, stand up. Black children, stand up. We have been at war here with these same white people for 500 years.

The time to fight, whether intellectually, artistically or physically, has always been now.


Fight the good fight there, Shlomo.