April 24, 2007

Another Border Patrol Agent Charged

Border Patrol agent charged in killing of Mexican man

PHOENIX -- A Border Patrol agent was charged Monday with first-degree murder for shooting an illegal immigrant during a confrontation on the border in January.

An investigation found that Agent Nicholas Corbett's killing of Francisco Dominguez-Rivera, of Puebla, Mexico, was not legally justified, said Cochise County's top prosecutor, Ed Rheinheimer.

Corbett was named in a criminal complaint that also charges him with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide. Rheinheimer said that a judge will determine during a preliminary hearing which of the charges is best supported by the evidence.

Of course. I hope this agent gets a chance. Unlike many others.

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Blogger barista grazioso said...

Are you kidding me?? I'm surprised they haven't all walked off the job. I sure as hell would. I'd also flip off our government, who's suppose to have their backs and verbally tell them to kiss my ass.

Tue Apr 24, 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger Myra Langerhas said...

Agreed. They perform a thankless job and are in a now in situation. If they do their jb properly, they very well could end up in the clink.

Wed Apr 25, 02:14:00 PM  

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