January 06, 2007

They Really Really Really Do Support the Troops

Military Dad Reports Being Spit On

ITHACA--The father of an Air Force pilot was allegedly spit upon during a visit to Ithaca recently.
Writing in the Ithaca Journal, Stacie Yaw-Bieber, a staff sergeant in in the U.S. Army Reserves, recounts the following:

Recently an individual that frequents our legion recounted an incident that happened to him in Ithaca. He has a son who is a pilot in the Air Force anddisplays a sticker stating the same on his vehicle. A woman walked up to him andasked him if that was his vehicle, he stated it was and reiterated that his sonwas in the Air Force, the woman responded by stating that his son was a “Killer”and then spit on him.

I dedicate this post and a nice, thick, yellow loogey to all of the soldier spit deniers on the left.


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