January 05, 2007

Heath Shuler Watch

I posted about the failed NFL QB, pro-life, anti-illegal immigrant, property rights supportin, gun control hatin, Heath Shuler, here. He is the new Congressperson (aren't they all Congresspeople now, after this week's Glorious Revolution!!!) representing the 11th D of North Carolina.
Now Heath has fallen for Nancy, and celebrated with her on the floor of Congress on Take-Your-Child-To-Work-With-You-Day.
"I had a really good conversation with Speaker Pelosi, and we talked about my conservativeness. She understands the type of district I represent (and that) I am here to represent western North Carolina," he said.

"She told me that if we vote against one another, it will be because you are voting for your district and I am voting for mine," he added.

Let the feel good orgy of indulgence continue. Must be nice to be Emperor Nancy's lil bitch-boy now, Heath.

Hmmmm. What famous movie scene comes to mind? Anyone remember this line?:

"Go get your fucking shinebox, Shuler."


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