January 01, 2007

Politicizing New Years

Spent the eve with Mrs. Snarking Dawg-to-be. We enjoyed watching Out of the Past, one of our favorite film noirs'. Enjoyed immensely. Merlot and bourbon flowed. By design, the movie ended some 10 minute b4 the official EST New Year. Tuned in to at least 43 obnoxious commercials tryin to watch the ball drop. Dick Clark came on and we watched for all of 10 seconds. It is sad. I wish Mr. Clark the best, but he needs to pass the torch. Switched to NBC. Some 'Carson somebody' thing.

He asks his urine steppin, porto-potty reporters to talk about their yearly reflections. At 11:57, some NBC skankola, and gutter to gutter reporter, talked about Jack Abramoff and Mark Foley scandals as the most memorable moments of the year. I guess they are all more important than Sandys-secret-underwear-stuffin-pajama -pants party which gets all of the same pub as my stubbed toe.

(but in reality- I dont think the moment should be politicized at all. 3 minutes b4 the New Year. National Audience. Such is the mentality of the Left - our opinion trumps the law, trumps decorum, trumps consideration, trumps whateverwe dont agree with.

2006 was the 'Year of Nifong', a prosecutor who gave up every sinew of ethical behavior to prosecute kids because they had some money and were white. Everyone knows it. Some acknowledge it.


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