January 18, 2007

Let's throw a flag for excessive pandering..

Resolution affirming rights of Utah Muslims introduced

Sen. Peter Knudson, R-Brigham City, is asking the state Senate to send a message of support to Utah's Muslim community.

That's why he's sponsoring SR2, a "Resolution Affirming Fundamental Rights of the Muslim Community of Utah," to recognize the rights of Muslims to freely practice their religion and to enjoy the same freedoms as other ethnic and religious groups. The resolution references "confusion and in many cases unfounded fear" of Islam.

"People may look at people of the Muslim faith and categorize them in the same pot," Knudson said. "We have a lot of people of the Muslim religion in our state. To the best of my knowledge they are wonderful citizens."

Nadeem Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake, said the resolution would be welcome. While the post-9/11 climate in Utah has been relatively calm, there are still instances of discrimination, he said.

"We live here in America, we are part of the tapestry," he said. "We shouldn't be considered any different, I wouldn't say special, but we should be considered Americans."

If this was done as a symbolic gesture during a wave of violence directed at Muslims, it would certainly make sense. Was Knudson's district gerrymandered to incoporate a large Muslim community? Does his district have a burgeoning Muslim population?
Here is a comprehensive article about the post 9/11 backlash , or lack thereof, against Muslims in Utah. The big anti-Muslim hate crime in Utah - an incident where some silly tard tried to burn down the Curry in a Hurry restaurant.