June 25, 2006

New York City Follies

A new level of anti-capitalist,freedom hating,nannyism from Joel Rivera, King Dunce of the New York City Council (its quite an honor, there are many vying for the position):

Councilman Joel Rivera, health committee chairman, said at a hearing today that he was exploring the idea of using zoning laws to prevent fast food joints from taking over city streets.

In a contorted way, it is like the government taking candy from a baby's mouth. But in reality it is more pernicious. Essentially, it is the government regulating who can eat what, and where, based upon physical attributes. "You can't eat a hamburger in Crown Heights, because people are fat there." "No pizza for you in Inwood, because of the pudges in your hood."

Will Sylvia's be closed down? That is some of the most delicious food on the planet, but the least healthy. Some of the best restaurants in the City and elsewhere offer megaplates of food that will double a person's cholestorol. But we only choose areas with heavier people. Do the people in more affluent areas not deserve protection from restaurants that serve portions which are too large? The obese desserve protection everywhere!!! Ban all restaurants that serve an unhealthy meal!!!

Is this a measure to protect minorities at the expense of the majority? Why shouldnt we analyze the food of all restaurants and see the consequences of their food.

OR, why don't we just let the free people of this country eat freely and have dunces like Joe Rivera shut the fuck up and stop his diaper sniffin politics.


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