March 17, 2006

The Abortion Industry's Curious Counsel

MSN posts a troubling article about RU-486, the 'Morning after Pill', and its links to the death of seven women, two of whom have died very recently. That article points out that the Food and Drug Administration "cannot prove the drug was to blame" but its links to the deaths are compelling. The women using the pill also appear to have been infected with a bacterium which is generally not fatal, although this has not been confirmed in the most recent two women.

The most troubling aspect of the article is the additional link between the deaths and the unapproved "off-label" use of the drug advocated by abortion doctors because of its effectiveness.

In a cluster of four cases in California, the women died from an infection of the bloodstream, or sepsis. Those women did not follow FDA-approved instructions for the pill-triggered abortion, which requires swallowing three tablets of one drug, followed by two of another two days later.

Instead of swallowing the final two tablets, the second course of pills was inserted vaginally in the four women, a so-called “off-label” use of the drug that studies show works and is widely recommended by abortion clinics but does not have federal approval.

And we are supposed to listen to them and their profound concern for the health of the woman.


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