March 17, 2006

Troops Out, Queers in

... or so chant some during New York City's Saint Patrick's Day Parade (strange way of showing support for our troops). Note the title of the article by Amy Westfeldt, Parade chairman makes anti-gay remarks.

As is usual the point is missed. Gays are not excluded by the parade organizers, they are prohibited from marching under their own banner.

Somebody please explain these two paragraphs to me:

Dunleavy was blasted by the City Council's first openly gay leader for the remarks, which appeared in The Irish Times on Thursday.

Now this:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is of Irish descent, said she didn't think Dunleavy's remarks were worth a response. She declined to participate in the Fifth Avenue parade after organizers barred an Irish gay and lesbian group for a 16th straight year.

I guess the mere silence of such a profound leader constitutes a 'blasting' in Ms. Westfeldt's eyes. I nominate her for the First Annual al-Reuters Award for Fair, Balanced and Consistent Reporting.

UPDATE: Whoah, that was quick. The WaPo pulls the original Wesfeldt article. The very debatable Parade chairman makes anti-gay remarks headline becomes Remark About Gays Shadows St. Pat's Parade in a more sanitary article by a different journalist. I re-linked above to the original piece which is still up at Townhall. Ms. Westfeldt has not been disqualified from her aforementioned nomination.


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