July 12, 2007

Canadian courts don't recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel?


OTTAWA, Canada -- A Canadian court has upheld the country's policy of barring Canadian passport holders from listing Jerusalem, Israel, as their birthplace.

The Federal Court of Appeal said that the policy does not violate the Charter of Rights, The Jerusalem Post reported. The decision was a defeat for Eliyahu Veffer, 19, the son of a Toronto rabbi who wanted to amend his passport to identify his birthplace as being in

Israel has claimed all of
Jerusalem since the 1967 war, while Palestinians also claim at least part of the city. On Canadian passports, Jerusalem is listed without an identifying country, the Post said. "There is no evidence that the absence of a country name beside Jerusalem hinders his ability to travel in any way," the judges said in their opinion.

Veffer has the right to hold any religious views or beliefs on Jerusalem's nationality, the court said in the newspaper article, but a passport is simply a travel document, not a vehicle for expressing those views.

We should have annexed the cute chilly country to our north a long time ago.

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