June 28, 2007

When stupidity invites tragedy

I am not a 'prayers sent' kind of person. Posters on internet forums undertand what that means. I certainly don't begrudge those who are. But sometimes a story affects you a little more than most. Prayers sent to Roosevelt Sims:

Just before ten p.m. last Sunday night, a diabetic man in insulin shock was booted off an Amtrak train in the middle of a national forest.

According to Phoenix CBS Channel 5, 65-year-old Roosevelt Sims was headed to Los Angeles when Amtrak personnel, having assessed him as drunk and unruly, left him at an isolated railroad crossing in what a police officer described to the Phoenix media as "800,000 acres of beautiful pine trees." Sims' family had tried to call him on his cell phone that same night, but he was incoherent and, they report, in insulin shock.

When officers arrived at the crossing, Sims ran into the woods without his luggage or medication. The crossing is two miles from the nearest road and five miles from the nearest town. The altitude is 8000 feet. Sims' whereabouts is still unknown.

And a vicious fuck you to Amtrak.


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