April 20, 2007

MSNBC's Vilest Metaphor

Newsbusters reports on a disgusting analogy between partial-birth abortion and Republican politics:

When Republican strategist Michelle Laxalt tried to describe the clinical reality of partial-birth abortion on MSNBC this morning at about 10:55 AM EDT, MSNBC host Chris Jansing [file photo] cut her off, saying she didn't want to get into an "emotional debate." By all means. Let's not confuse people with the facts. Better to focus on the antiseptic "right to choose" without letting the gruesome reality of the matter intrude.

In partial birth birth abortion, the near-term baby's skull is collapsed and its brains are sucked out. Immediately after stopping Laxalt just as she was about to state that, Jansing herself said that the GOP might welcome the debate on the partial birth abortion issue "after Iraq and some of the other things that have gone on at the White House that have sort of sucked the life out of the Republican party."

Could Jansing possibly have been in much worse taste?

Get your head out of the back alley.