April 20, 2007

The WRONG way to deal with Holocaust denial

EU adopts measure outlawing Holocaust denial

I am repulsed by and abhor those who deny the Holocaust. It is one of the most pernicious and evil policies of this century, perhaps in all of history. But the great thing about this country, is that Holocaust deniers get silenced. Not by government action, but by facts. When deniers talk, their voices are drowned out. I am not talking about a particular lecture or speech, but in general. We know what they say is untrue, because we see it and hear it. And by facts I mean accounts, pictures, relics and so many other things our citizens provide.

But there are Holocaust deniers in the US. For the most part they have been marginalized. That is how they should be treated. Fair minded people know they are wrong. We have the overwhelming evidence they are wrong, so we capably counter their wack job theories and denials.

But now the EU wants to criminalize the whole notion of Holocaust denial. You don't kill any idea by banning it. You kill an idea by proving it wrong. You kill an idea by undermining the logic which supports it.

So people now have to hope that Big Brother EU doesn't find their ideas to be offensive. They have done an admirable job in picking the most horrific of world views. I hope they step back and stop choosing. In the 1920's and 30's capitalism could have been viewed as a similar evil. And those advocating free market ideas could have been subject to criminal penalties. But que sera....

Now Europe is fostering the whole idea of fascist anti-Semitism. Not by exploring it, which is what a thing people would do, but by BANNING IT, because THAT makes them look tough.

It is inviting weakness by declaring toughness. I think it is the worst kind of weakness an enemy could detect.


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