March 28, 2007

Selena Roberts takedown

KC Johnson writes an outstanding and prolific blog, Durham in Wonderland, which chronicles the Duke lacrosse fiasco. In this piece, Johnson takes on Selena Roberts, the NY Times shill who has been hypercritical of the Duke lacrosse team, and the “the irrefutable culture of misogyny, racial animus and athlete entitlement" which moves her so greatly. We learn more about Ms. Roberts, a champion of diversity:

According to her Times bio, Roberts is a resident of Westport, Connecticut, a suburb in Fairfield County. The US Census Bureau's fact page reveals that Westport is a bastion of neither racial nor economic diversity. Of its 25,598 residents, 24,560, or 95.5 percent, are white. Westport has a grand total of 292 African-American residents. Barely 1 percent of Roberts' fellow townsfolk, in other words, are black.

What about economic diversity? The median family income in Westport is $153,131, more than $100,000 greater than the median family income for the United States as a whole. And a grand total of 104 families live below the poverty level. Barely 1 percent of Roberts' fellow townsfolk, in other words, are poor. The town website has forms for people who need to store their boats--either on water or on land--and for residents-only tennis and golf facilities.

Obviously diversity was not a factor in moving to Westport. Seems like a charming enough place though. If you can afford it. Most effective use of Census data as a billy club. Ever.

For Ms. Roberts and her ilk, the guilt or innoce of the Duke Three is no longer of consequence. The more important issues are the undefined and ethereal 'cultures' the case exemplifies. It is about urinating off of a porch, saying the 'n' word and hiring a stripper of a different race. A bogus prosecution fraught with unethical and perhaps criminal prosecutorial conduct does not matter. Three young men still on trial on trumped up criminal charges does not matter.


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